Seat Program

Your actual seat from Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.
Own it forever!

Personalize a part of Real history of the Club and its iconic stadium.

Program Highlights

Much more than just a seat


Each seat is unique and embodies a special part of the stadium's history

Don't miss out on claiming your seat!


Make your seat as unique as you are

Personalize it with our innovative 3D printed bases and choose your colour and enhancements as you wish


We are committed to protecting our environment

Giving a new life to your seat and customizing it using plastics reclaimed from the ocean

Social Responsibility

Harnessing our past to support the future

The net proceeds of this exclusive program will go to support projects of the Real Madrid Foundation

One of a kind

Each seat is as unique as it's owner.
Finish and customize your seat from professionally designed options utilizing our innovative 3D printing technology.


The profits from this initiative will be used to support the Real Madrid Foundation's Education, Development Cooperation and Social Inclusion social projects for the integration of minors at risk of exclusion and socially disadvantaged groups in 95 countries.


Committed to the environment by repurposing the seats and enhancing them using 100% recycled materials including recycled plastic recovered from the oceans.

100% Customizable

Select a Base Model
Model - · Wall mount · Limited Edition

Choose your Colour
Colour · Exclusive for Socios

Add a Real Madrid Shield
Real Madrid Shield -
. Exclusive for Socios
6 stadium seat types

There are 6 distinct types of seat in the stadium to choose from.

7 seat base models

Complete your seat by adding 1 of the 7 stylish bases.

6 seat base colours

Add character to your seat base by selecting from an array of club colours.

Timing and manufacturing process

ID Plaque

Add an identification plaque with seat location details. Personalized it with your name or desired text.

Commemorative book

Include the Official Memorabilia Santiago Bernabéu Stadium commemorative book that highlights the greatest moments of the stadium's 75 year history.

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Purchasing calendar

When will I have access to purchase?

From Sept 26th to Oct 3rd

Socios Abonados

As a season ticket holder you will have preference and the best conditions to acquire and customize your very own seat from the stadium. Additionally, an exclusive 99€ seat only (no add-ons) offer for the first seat purchase is available.

From Oct 3rd at 10:00 to Oct 10th

Socios no Abonados

During this period Socios can select and purchase a seat from all those remaining and available, with the same best pricing and exclusive customization benefits as Abonados. Additionally, an exclusive 99€ seat only (no add-ons) offer for the first seat purchase is available.

From Oct 10th at 10:00 to Oct 17th

Madridista Premium

Madridista Premium can access special pricing with at least a 30% benefit and are next in the line of priority to choose from all remaining and available seats. Additionally, an exclusive 199€ seat only (no add-ons) offer for the first seat purchase is available.

From Oct 17th at 10:00 to Oct 24th

Additional seat purchases

Socios and Madridista Premium who wish to purchase additional seats will be able to buy up to 4 more units* prior to the open sale, with advantageous conditions.
*Subject to availability

From October 24th at 10:00

Open sale

Any last available units will be open for sale. To gain access, you must register as a Madridista (free subscription), that will get you a 5% benefit.

Become Madridista Premium to save big and get ahead in the line to purchase a seat.

Become a Madridista Premium to get priority access, special pricing and conditions.
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Exclusive purchase plan

Reserve your seat

For just a small deposit* select you seat from the stadium and customize it.
You wont pay anything else until the seat is ready for production.
* Deposit: 50€ (Abonados & Socios) 75€ (Madridistas)

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Payment options

When the seat is ready, you can either pay the outstanding amount using your credit card or request our 6 equal payment plan.*

*Exclusive for Abonados, Socios and Madridistas for orders under 600€

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Become a Madridista Premium and get access to the exclusive shopping experience

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